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Summer Summer Summer Time!!!

It's my favorite time of year- SUMMER!!

I absolutely love everything about this time of year.  The hot climate, long days, shorts, sundresses, and sandals.  The list could go on and on.  
But my most favorite part of this season is the abundance of single men every where you turn!!  There's no better time of the year to have your calendar overflowing with dates.

Here's how to have your summer sizzling.
1. Summer is about being Social.  During this time of year, everyone has one goal-to get out and enjoy the weather.  With the surplus of parties, outdoor events, cookouts and gatherings, there's no reason you should still be hibernating at home.  Get out and socialize.  Push yourself to attend at least two outings a week.  And for a little bit more of a challenge, make one of the outings somewhere or something you have never experienced before.
2. Purposely Plan.  Just as you plan the perfect weekend maxi dress and matching wedges, you must also plan which event to attend with a purpose.  Try to only go to places where your possible Prince would hang out.  When sorting through invitations, consider things such as the age range of the guests, atmosphere, and activities.  Remember the more you're surrounded by men who possess the traits you desire, the greater chance you have to claim one for yourself.
3. Go Green.  As a single woman ready for true love, this is important all throughout the year and especially during the summer.  Whether sitting poolside, enjoying a drink at a bar, or just at the grocery store, you must always have your green light shining! These are those little things that send signals to a man that its okay for him to approach you.  Eye contact and a smile are just two ways to shine your light.  Keep in mind that men are more afraid of rejection than we are and they're always looking for the "Go". 
Now take these tips, grab your sunglasses , and go turn up the heat!!
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