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Stop Kissing Frogs Now!-Single Women Coaching

Tired of going oncountless dates with all of the wrong people?  Not sure why you continue to attract everyone who does not fulfill your fantasies? Ready to fill your calendar with meaningful dates?  LoveJones is ready to assist you in knocking down some of the walls that have come between you and finding that yourTrue Prince Charmingyou desire to share your life with.  The consultants at LoveJones provide private one-on-one coaching that is uniquely tailored to your needs and desires.  From identifying your personal roadblocks to teaching you fabulous flirting techniques to become a magnet to perfect potentials, your consultant will offer hands-on support as it applies to the challenges you have faced along your romantic journey.  Whether your desire is to find the love of your life or to just increase your confidence in dating, LoveJones is here to make sure you go exactly where you want along your journeyfrom single to forever. 

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Find Your Wife in 90 Days-Single Men Coaching 

Spending countless amount of money going on multiple dead end dates?  Tired of wasting time on all of the wrong women?  Ready to find that one woman who is perfect for you?  LoveJonesis here to assist you on your journey to obtaining the romantic life of your dreams with your true love.  During these 90 days of private one-on-one coaching, we will work together on every step from attracting, dating, to you being in a passion filled relationship with the woman you desire, not the woman who’ll just do.  

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Turn Up the Heat-Couples Coaching

So now that you've found the right one, how do youkeep the relationship thriving and moving in theright direction?  How do you argue less and make love more?  How do youplease your partner without your needs going unattended?  Can your relationshiprecover from an affair?   LoveJones couples coaching addresses these questions and all other issues that is  stunting the growth of your relationship.  The consultants at LoveJones understand that relationships take much effort and work, however your consultant will work closely with you and your partner to ensure you receive the huge payoff offorever happiness.   

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LoveJones LLC values and holds the utmost respect for our clients' privacy.  All clients' identification and progress are kept confidential to privileged employees of LoveJones LLC only.