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Congratulations! You have just taken the first step of attaining your desired change in your relationship.  Now allow LoveJones to walk along with you through this journey.

LoveJones believes there is no greater happiness and peace than what is found in healthy, meaningful, and loving relationships.  Relationship expert and founder of LoveJones LLC, Alex Jones, strives to assist you in achieving the happiness you deserve.  Whether your single, dating, or married, strife in these areas can affect your outlook on your future, hinder you from achieving goals, and even have a negative impact on your physical health.  As influential as negative relationships are, we at LoveJones believe that positive relationships are even more powerful!!

You're only as happy as your fulfilled relationships.  The journey to true relationship happiness can be rough and overwhelming.  This is why Alex Jones is dedicated to coaching you down your path of happiness and fulfillment by way of her expertise, experience and direct approach.  

LoveJones is ready to help you with your happiness in the following areas: 


LoveJones LLC values and holds the utmost respect for our clients' privacy.  All clients' identification and progress are kept confidential to privileged employees of LoveJones LLC

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